Healthy Tan Plan Basics for Women


The gentle sun-kissed look of a perfect tan is to envied. Is it possible to get a tan that you can feel good about? Are there ways to tan indoors that leave your skin healthy and vibrant? Tanning can be a safe and healthy activity if you follow a few guidelines to approach, process and after-care.

Take the Time for a Consultation

Effective and safe use of a tanning bed requires a basic understanding of how they work and your skin type. Exposure to UV rays initiates a response by the body to protect it from damage by adding melanin to the skin. The darker your skin is to begin with, the longer the UV exposure must be to increase skin pigment coloration. A professional consultant will know the best way for you to approach the tanning process safely to get the perfect tan.

Perfect Timing

There is a fine balance in times to be exposed to UV rays, periods between exposure and consistency. You should never spend more than the recommended time for your skin type in any one session. The sessions should be no closer than 48 hours, but letting the time period get too extended will cause the tan to fade dramatically.

Dump the Cosmetics

There are a lot of cosmetics and perfumes that make the skin extra sensitive to light. It is best to scrub the skin clean and use no cosmetic products before tanning sessions. If you take the risk the tan may come out uneven, or there could be areas of sunburn.
Be Aware of Your Position

Shift positions periodically in the tanning bed. This will guarantee a more even exposure to all areas. Keep the head held back so that the neck is fully exposed.

Maintaining the Tan

The use of UVA and UVB rays in a tanning bed ensures that a tan is created well below the surface skin layer. The body still tends to shed skin cells regularly. Scrubbing with products that exfoliate can cause the tan to fade. Use gentle cleaners, scrub lightly and wait at least 2 hours before showering post-tanning.

Importance of Moisturizing and Hydration

A regular schedule of tanning can cause the skin to feel dry. Use a quality moisturizer after each tanning session. It is important to increase the amount of water you drink daily as well. Staying hydrated is great for the skin. You will end up with the perfect healthy golden tan you have always wanted.

Contact an experienced professional today and start your consultation to begin a healthy regimen of indoor UV tanning. You will be happy with the end results!

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