5 Major Truths to Know about Strength Training


There’s no lack of conflicting information about strength training on the Internet. Anyone who’s interested in strength training and who wants to set the record straight should read these five truths.

1. Lifting Weights Won’t Make a Woman Bulky

Women often say that they veer away from weightlifting because they don’t want to bulk up. According to Daily Burn, though, you won’t bulk up unless you’re consuming an overload of calories. If you’re sticking to a normal, healthy diet, your muscles will tone up normally without adding bulk. Even if you wanted to bulk up, it just isn’t that easy for women to do.

2. You Can Work More Than One Muscle Group a Day

A lot of people think that they can only work one muscle group per day, which is why you’ll often hear people talk about leg day or back day. The reason people think this is the best way to go is because after working a muscle group, you need to give it a day to recover. If you’re working one muscle group per day, you’re giving the rest of your body plenty of time to repair. However, you can maximize your workouts by doing all-over training. Just make sure that you do a different workout the next day so you’re not overtraining the same muscle groups. Plus, according to Huffington Post, the more you vary your workouts, the stronger you’ll be.

3. You Can See Results Without Lifting Heavy Weights

Lifting heavy weights for fewer reps is equally as effective as lifting lighter weights for more reps. Either way, you want to make sure you continue lifting until you’re fatigued. You can also do bodyweight exercises for strength training instead of relying on regular weights. There are a variety of ways to challenge your body, even without equipment.

4. Strength Training Won’t Decrease Your Flexibility

When done the right way, strength training and weightlifting will actually improve your flexibility, not hinder it. Resistance training, for example, can great improve flexibility, as can states stretching. Make sure that you’re working through your full range of motion.

5. Free Weights Are More Effective Than Machines

Weight machines will isolate your muscles and make your body move within a certain plane of motion. This can limit your results. Free weights, however, use more muscles and can lead to greater strength. Bodyweight exercises are just as effective as free weight exercises, too, so make sure to add lunges, squats and push-ups to your regime.

The more informed you are, the more effective your workouts will be. When it comes to strength training, you have a lot of options, so find a routine that works best for your goals, body and lifestyle.

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