5 Helpful Ways To Stay Fit Over the Holidays

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Calorie rich food meets people who have worked hard all year to get trim and don’t want to blow it…that sums up the Holiday Season for some who find Aunt Greta’s syrupy pecan pie calling to them like the ghost of Christmas past. Although it takes a little planning and setting boundaries, there are some tried and true tips you can use to keep your shape for the New Year.

1. Stay Sober!
According to the National Institute of Health,  alcohol contains quite a few empty calories. Hard liquor, like vodka, gin, whiskey and tequila contain about 97 calories per jigger. That glass of red or white wine is also calorie rich, at 121-125 calories per glass. Even lite beer can be up to 103 calories per 12 ounce serving. You can be a hero to your family and friends by being the designated driver and skip the rotten hangover.

2. Keep Moving!
After the holiday meal, you don’t need to sit around snoring and belching like the rest of your clan. Go out for a bracing walk or run to burn some fat and keep your circulation moving. If anyone makes a face when you get up to leave, ask for the dog leash to take the family pet along on your romp.

3. Shop Online
You really do not have to brave the crowds and the many mall vendors enticing you with aromas of doughy pretzels and cookies. Keep your shopping sane and simple with a few browses and clicks, to ensure you don’t mysteriously find yourself on a street corner clutching a double whipped cream candy cane hot cocoa.

4. Set Healthy Boundaries
If visiting family and you know from past experience that the bed they made up for you is actually a medieval torture device disguised as a sofa bed, you can gently, but firmly tell them you will be sleeping at the nearby hotel. Being laid up with a backache won’t be fun for anyone, and your exercise momentum you built up all year will suffer as well. When at the holiday table, choose wisely, and take just a small spoonful of your loved one’s calorie-rich signature dishes.

5. Forgive Yourself and Your Family:

If the home movies or photos come out starring you as a chubby child, have the tissue box handy. There may be some deep emotional scars left from being the “fat kid”. Don’t let negative feelings about the past undermine your goals. Make a silent promise to your former self that you will stay in shape and live a long healthy, fit life.

Most of all, enjoy your holiday your way…you deserve it!

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