4 Junk and Waste Removal Tips for Homeowners


Waste management is as important for a household as it is for any major business. Having junk and waste removed by professional services cost money. Below are a the best tips available to help you reduce and remove the clutter and waste in or around your home.

Reduce Household Waste

One of the most sensible tips for homeowners is to simply begin to reduce the levels of waste and junk generated in your home. Better meal planning, utilizing leftovers, paper billing, reusable plastic cleaning chemical containers and buying foods in bulk to be placed in resealable containers or the freezer will bring down the amount of trash that needs to be removed every week. Make sure you are aware of items being brought to your home and yard. Many people will pawn off their junk on others to eliminate it from their own homes. Read more about reducing household waste here. Having less overall waste means there is not as much that needs removed.

Recycle and Donate Items

Recycling items is good for the environment and can sometimes put a little cash in your pocket. Valuable metals like copper, steel and aluminum can bring in a few bucks and get rid of unsightly items hanging around. Old cars, bikes, batteries, cans, pipes, wires and steel swing-sets can all be recycled. Good usable items can be donated to thrift stores or organizations in the community that will find the perfect new home. Find out about all the befits of recycling here.

Locate Free Pick-up of Items

Many communities offer a large trash haul day, but it is typically scheduled for once or twice a month. Contact your local city or county government offices to see if this an option. It is a great way to get rid of extra television sets, old furniture or mattresses. There is often a small additional charge, but it is worth the convenience of curbside pickup.

Hire a Professional Removal Service

If you live in an area that does not offer large trash haul it may require hiring a professional waste removal service. This may be needed if you are looking at potential fines from the city for having excess junk in your yard. Most removal services offer a one-time pickup service, or you can look into the benefits of a temporary dumpster. Once the items are tucked in the dumpster it can be picked up and removed. You need to check on the ordinances for size and length of time a dumpster can be used in your area. This can vary greatly.

Getting rid of excess waste and junk can seem tedious, but the results are less clutter and happier neighbors. Beginning a routine of strict waste management and clutter control will help ensure you never have to worry about this problem again.

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