4 Decorative Accents to Add to Your Work Desk


Most people rarely love going to work every single day. It can be a challenge to make yourself get out of bed and sit down at your desk to plow away. To make things better, you can use design and decoration.

Your work desk should look and feel comfortable, and sometimes, that means you have to put a little extra effort in. Here are 4 decorative accents to add to your work desk to make it a little nicer to be at.

1. A Lamp With Soft but Ample Work Light

You definitely need ample light while you work, but who says you have to have ugly, harsh light? Choose a lamp that is both easy to use and has bright enough light that is not too cold or harsh. Warm light tends to be the most comforting, but it also allows you enough glow to work by. If you can find a light that does not sit directly on your desk, it will give you more room.

2. An Electric Oil Burner

Having good scents around you can add a lot and make your work experience more enjoyable. A candle is a good idea and so is an oil burner with a small flame below it, but for some work environments, flames are not a good idea. That’s why an electric oil burner works so well.

Choose one that is battery operated so you don’t have to worry about cords and outlets. You can buy small aromatic oils at many stores. Put a few drops onto the burner along with a little bit of tap water to create a wonderful scent. You just have to make sure to turn it off before you leave work!

3. Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights are just small strings of lights that are usually used around Christmastime, but you can use the white or yellow lights year-round for a soft, soothing glow that will surely brighten your space. We recommend putting the lights above your desk are if have the room. If you have a free-standing desk, try setting the lights around the outer rim of your desk or near you on the wall.

4. A Decorative Coaster

The best thing about a decorative coaster is that it blends design with function. Most people like to have a glass or mug of something to drink while they work, but to keep your desk and area clean, you should always use a coaster. Choose a coaster that is stylish and easy to set your drink on. You might even choose an electric coaster to keep coffee or tea warm.

Bonus: Freshly Cut Flowers

Finally, here’s a bonus for you. If you can afford to spend a few extra dollars each week, why not put a small vase of freshly cut flowers on your desk? There are many varieties of beautiful flowers that are cheap to buy and actually last quite a number of days. Or could grow them yourself in your garden and save even more!

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