Custom Exhibits: Why They are a Must in the Business World


It is not enough to reserve space for an exhibition at a trade show and then wait for people to flock to it. Once you get there, you want your booth to stand out from the rest. The booth needs to have something about it that catches the eye and draws people in. Here is why a custom exhibit will serve you well.

Make People Stop

With dozens and maybe hundreds of exhibitors there, it is easy for attendees to toss a passing glance at each booth and keep walking. You need some customized effect that makes them stop and take a second look. That brief interlude when they are stopped in their tracks is your chance to engage them in conversation and develop a connection.

Think of what would happen if you included an interesting lighting array in the exhibit design. Something as simple as pin lights dancing over the graphics and a banner with a bold statement displayed on the back panels will do the trick. This is because the movement will make them stop long enough to read that intriguing slogan, giving you the chance to strike up a conversation.

Inviting People into the Booth

The typical trade show exhibit includes display panels along the back and a table up front laden with brochures. That’s nice enough, but it does not encourage people to step out of the flow of traffic and visit for awhile. Arrange the elements of the booth so that you have comfortable seating for visitors.

This can be done by opening up the booth a little. Place the display of brochures toward the back of the space or off to one side. You could set up occasional tables placed in between the chairs so they are within easy reach as the visitor settles down for a visit. This gives you the opportunity to find out more about what the visitor does and how your products could come in handy. You can even make sure they leave with a brochure that outlines the benefits of those specific products. Even if the stay is a short one, you’ll have more of a chance to make a good impression that pays off later.

How About Something to Watch?

You already know from using the pin lights that movement catches the eye. Instead of a booth with only static elements, consider adding a large screen that loops commercials about your product line. Have bottled water or coffee on hand for guests to enjoy while they watch the commercials. You’ll have plenty of business cards and other data to take home once the show is over.

Remember that your goal for the trade show is to make connections that eventually turn into sales. Anything that gets people to stop long enough for a chat paves the way for this type of interaction. Get out of the rut that comes with having a ho-hum exhibit and make it come alive. The extra effort will pay off in a big way.

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