6 Reasons you Need the Expertise of a Special Area Lawyer


A certain percentage of lawyers today decide to specialize heavily in just one area of the law. These special area attorneys dedicate years to studying a single legal niche and become experts in that field. Here are six reasons why you need the expertise of a special area lawyer.

In-Depth Knowledge of Specific Areas of the Law

Every area of the law is vastly complex and built on massive amounts of legislation and jurisprudence. It is hard to try to cover many different areas without missing some of the finer points of the law. You need a special area lawyer because that professional will have in-depth knowledge of specific areas of the law. The attorney will know all of the nuances, precedents and arcane sections of that one legal specialty. This can give you a large advantage in court against non-specialty lawyers.

Experience Combating Common Legal Obstacles

The reality is that some claims involving certain areas of the law will almost always encounter the same set of legal obstacles. This happens in personal injury cases, contract disputes and even divorces to a lesser extent. A special area lawyer will have extensive experience combating the common legal obstacles that you will face when pursuing a case. This means the attorney likely knows exactly how to overcome those common obstacles so that your case can proceed normally.

Always Current and Informed About Changes

United States district courts handle over 390,000 civil cases every year. Laws can change at any time meaning a case resolved one way could have a very different outcome the next month. A special area lawyer will always be current and informed about changes often long before they ever take effect. This can help you by allowing your attorney to take advantage of new laws and rules that could work in your favor. Non-specialized attorneys might not even know the laws have changed or new precedents were set.

Reputation and Connections

An attorney who works in many different areas like intellectual property, entertainment and real estate law is not likely to be recognized by anyone within those fields. Alternately, special area lawyers often have a strong reputation within the chosen field. This reputation can lead to helpful connections with others in the legal profession. The reputation and connections of a special area lawyer can help you win your case.

Specialized Resources

Working in just one area of the law allows an attorney to develop specialized resources tailored to those types of niche cases. This means your lawyer might have access to experts, research and tools so specific to one area of the law that other attorneys would never use them. This can help you to build a strong and solid case.
Able To Handle Even the Most Complex Cases

Over 100 million civil and criminal cases pass through state courts annually. Some of those cases are remarkably complicated. A special area lawyer has the knowledge and experience to handle even the most complex cases. The specialized legal training makes it simple for an attorney to sort out cases dealing with complicated assets, multiple liability claims or other unusual circumstances. This ensures you get the fair outcome that you deserve.

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